2% for Rivers seeks a new Manager!

2% for Rivers seeks a volunteer Manager! Check out the details below to find out if the position is right for you. Applications will be accepted until July 30, 2017. 

Opportunity: Manager
2% for Rivers seeks an organized, motivated volunteer who cares about river conservation and is excited about being part of a new, innovative nonprofit. This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to be part of the river conservation nonprofit community!   

Who we are, what we do
The owners of Good River Beer, a Denver brewery, officially launched 2% for Rivers on May 11, 2017, but the nonprofit has a longer history than that. When Good River Beer’s founders formed the brewery in April, 2015, they dedicated themselves to donating two percent of the brewery’s gross revenue to river conservation from Day 1. They made this commitment because they have paddled their kayaks thousands of miles on rivers, fished on the banks of countless streams, and hiked along and over even more. They love rivers and want to protect them so that everyone will have the same wonderful experiences they did.    

As Good River Beer grew, it became clear that a separate nonprofit was necessary to handle the charitable mission of the company. 2% for Rivers was created to inspire collaboration between businesses, individuals and non profits. Our mission is to protect clean, healthy river ecosystems and promote responsible recreation access. Our impact comes from directing dollars from Good River Beer - and our partners at other businesses - to organizations that protect and conserve rivers.

Responsibilities of 2% for Rivers’ Manager
The Manager position is limited in scope, so that a volunteer can fill the role while remaining in other full-time employment. For a few hours each week, the Manager will:

  • Maintain records,
  • Timely file required documents with state and federal governments,
  • Ensure compliance with bylaws,
  • Field inquiries and direct them to the appropriate member of the Board of Directors,
  • Maintain www.twopercentforrivers.org and make occasional updates.

The qualifications for the Manager position also reflect its limited scope: 

  • Proficiency in MS Office suite,
  • Good organizational skills,
  • Able to work from home,
  • Attention to detail, and 
  • A positive attitude!

How to apply
Please send an email to preston@goodriverbeer.com with your resume and a short explanation of why you want to volunteer for 2% for Rivers.