Exciting Times at the Water Trust!

February 23rd, 2017

A letter from our Board President:

This year is shaping up to be an exciting one for the Colorado Water Trust.  We’re implementing our new three-year strategic plan, but most significantly, we’ll welcome a new Executive Director to our team.
After 10 years at the helm, Amy Beatie will step down as our Executive Director this fall.  Amy has filed to be a candidate to run for the Colorado House of Representatives (House District 4 in Denver) in the 2018 general election.  We’re excited for her, and we’re also grateful for all she’s done for the Water Trust. Amy’s commitment and passion for Colorado’s rivers has helped us grow from a single-person operation into a strong and stable organization implementing multiple streamflow restoration projects annually. We are in the best possible position to take on this transition and thank Amy for her commitment to the success of the Water Trust through this process.
The Board of Directors has formed a transition committee, and in March, a comprehensive search for our new Executive Director will be underway.  We hope to have the position filled by October 1. We are looking for an experienced and energetic professional in both water resources and environmental issues who is committed to our collaborative approach for restoring streamflows.
Between our Board, our Transition Committee, our staff, and our new strategic plan, we have everything we need to maintain seamless operations. If you’d like to see our priorities related to our projects and organizational goals, you can view a summary of our revised strategic plan here on our website. This is our roadmap for the next few years, for our team and our partners, and also for our new Executive Director.
If you would like to suggest potential candidates for a new Executive Director, please send names to Dave Jankowski (davej (at) white-jankowski (dot) com), Chair of the Transition Committee.  We’ll also provide status updates in our e-newsletter, which if you don’t receive, you can subscribe to on our homepage.
Amy will be with us until after our new Executive Director comes on board, so we’ll save our goodbyes for later.  Until then, we’ll continue to focus our time and resources working to restore flows to Colorado’s rivers in need. 
Please contact me with questions via email at msayler (at) bbawater (dot) com, and as always, we greatly appreciate your partnership.  Our work is possible because of your support.  
Best Regards,

Michael A. Sayler, P.E.
Board President, Colorado Water Trust